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Mimaki SS21 - Solvent ink cartridge

The SS21 solvent ink dries quickly, allowing you to cut immediately after printing, and it does not peel off during this operation. Mimaki 's innovative SS21 white ink allows printing on transparent or colored media. Compatibility Mimaki printers: JV33, CJV150 , CJV300 , JV150 , JV300 , JV34,...

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Mimaki ES3 - Eco-solvent ink...

This virtually odorless eco-solvent ink is easy to use and requires no special ventilation. It is also available in white and metallic ink. Compatibility: JV3 (4 colors), JV33, CJV, JV5 (6 colors).

Price €116.00

Mimaki SU100 - Solvent UV ink...

The performance of solvent-based UV ink is even equivalent or even superior to that of solvent-based ink in terms of weather and alcohol resistance. Result: a long lifespan for banner-type products, for example, for which the hard-to-achieve lamination step is often omitted. Compatibility:...

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Burgundy Bordeaux Eco NR™ Ink

Bordeaux Fuze Eco NR™ ink is designed to be compatible with Roland ® ECO-SOL MAX ink in both color and performance, allowing OEM conversion on the fly.

Price €59.00

Burgundy Ink Fuze Eco Bordeaux

Bordeaux Fuze Eco Ms33™ ink is designed to be compatible with inks: Roland ® ECO-SOL MAX Mutoh® ECO-ULTRA Mimaki ES3 and SS21

Price €59.00

Mimaki BS EUROPE Ink

Affordable original Mimaki solvent ink formulated to help customers reduce their printing cost and stay profitable. This ink allows printers to produce the same high-quality work , at a lower cost while remaining competitive in the market , without risking damage to the machinery . Suitable for...

Price €124.00

Mimaki Ink BS4

Mimaki Ink BS4 Flexible tank Compatible with : CJV150-75BS, CJV150-107BS, CJV150-130BS, CJV150-160BS, CJV300-130BS, CJV300-160BS, JV150-130BS, JV150-160BS, JV300-130BS, JV300-160BS.

Price €168.00

Mimaki ink LUS-200 1000ml

Mimaki LUS-200 1000ml Soft UV LED Ink Bottle Compatible with models: JFX200, JFX500, UCJV300, UJV500

Price €166.00

Mimaki ink LUS-350 1000ml

3M Mimaki LUS-350 1000ml Soft 3M UV LED Ink Bottle Compatible Mimaki JFX200 / UJF-7151 more

Price €231.00

Bordeaux Ink FUZE ECO PR4 1L

Bordeaux Ink FUZE ECO PR4 1L

Price €49.00