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3502 Expo Mat M1 tarpaulin 340g 15m

The white Expo 3502 ™ tarpaulin , with a bright outer durable coating and a flexible tear-resistant textile base , flame retardant B1 and M1, ultra durable and also water resistant. The M1 certification is best in class to prevent flame spread, essential for public places , making it ideal for...

Price €207.35

HP Tarpaulin Everyday Matte...

Experience the added value and versatility of recyclable HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene . Print vivid colors and breathtaking image quality for many indoor and outdoor uses. Never slow down your production with this easy-to-handle ripstop tarp . These durable prints have a window display...

Price €113.62

Semi matt laminated tarpaulin...

Semi matt laminated tarpaulin exterior 440g exterior 50m Excellent water and UV resistance Excellent color rendering Great wind resistance Applications: Banners, signage, kakemonos, hanging displays, etc.

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