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Bordeaux 's unique Mix & Match™* technology is employed in most of Bordeaux 's flagship inks. It allows you to instantly replace the original ink with Bordeaux ink without cleaning the ink path, replacing parts or recreating the color profile in most configurations. You can save up to 40% of total printing costs compared to original inks.
Founded in 1999, Bordeaux Digital Printink is a customer-focused developer, manufacturer and distributor of premium ink for all inkjet, printing and graphic arts technologies. The company's products are recognized worldwide for their extremely reliable, low-cost inkjet printer inks and varnishes for wide-format and super-wide-format digital printers such as Roland™ , Mimaki ™, Mutoh™, HP ™ and Seiko™ CP, as well as the latest print head technologies such as Epson , Xaar, Konica Minolta, Toshiba and many more. The company's product range includes all types of inks like Eco, Solvent, UV & UV LED, Dye sub and latest Latex inks. The company also offers a full line of liquid laminates and UV varnishes for large format graphics, vehicle wraps and document finishes.

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