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Kodak Sonora Plate Thickness 0.30

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Non-ablative negative (image writing) thermal plate featuring Kodak 's ready-to-use technology.

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Format: 550x650 (50)

Do what's right for the environment... and for your business
The process-free Kodak Sonora XP plate eliminates processing and chemistry while providing you with the quality, productivity and printing possibilities that your business needs to succeed.

Say goodbye to processors and chemicals
This dream comes true with the Sonora XP Processless Plate, featuring Kodak 's ready-to-use technology! Its use can be summed up in three words: engraving, wedging, printing.

Standard Print Flow
Sonora XP plates offer the cost and waste reduction benefits of the processless process, with the quality, productivity and printability of traditional process plates.

Increased productivity through a simplified platemaking process
Sonora XP plates combine high etch speeds, time savings and increased consistency by eliminating the development step.

Focus on the environment
Sonora XP plates will not only allow you to remove chemicals, water, energy and waste from the platemaking cycle, but also minimize waste and downtime in the pressroom.

The means of your ambitions
Say goodbye to your processor and chemicals, and enjoy optimal productivity, quality and run lengths with Sonora XP plates!


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Kodak Sonora XP Plates

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