AP/618-FC Air free matte polymer vinyl 7 years 50m

Air free calendered vinyl 75um matte - 7 years 50M

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Vinyl AP/610-FC is a matt film characterized by high conformability, superior stability and excellent covering power, ideal for total or partial covering of flat, curved and curved surfaces. It is equipped with the “Air Free FTX System” channeling adhesive, ensuring the fluidity of the air during application and can be repositioned for 1 hour. Ease of printing and vivid colors, even on dark backgrounds. The film has achieved reaction to fire certification (B-S2-D0) and also exists in a glossy version .

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Width: 1.06

Use a single product for your outdoor applications, windows, vehicles, floors and more...

Recommended lamination for Solvent, Eco-solvent and Latex inks:

- L/111-KS glossy

- L/118-KS matte

Recommended lamination for UV inks:

- L/019-UV glossy

- L/018-UV matte


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